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If a picture says a 1,000 words, what does your video say?

Candidates’ informational and emotional needs change as they move through the recruiting process and having the right content, at the right time, is powerful. But traditional video has been prohibitively expensive to produce. This webinar will show you how to have the best of both worlds – engaging content at minimal cost.

Why, When and Where Recruiting Videos Work

You can spend an excessive amount of money on recruitment video, or you can film on your phone for free, but how are you sure you are creating a video that will positively and measurably impact your results? There are many approaches to recruitment video, but not all of them are successful. Join this 45-minute master class in results-driven video. Your learning will include:

  • Matching your video to your desired result
  • Getting your videos seen
  • Spending exactly the right amount
  • Avoiding mistakes that reduce credibility.

User Adoption

Acquiring new tools is easy, having them used to their full potential is hard.  In this information-packed presentation, you will learn how to scale your implementation plan based on the impact the tool will have on work processes and ensure success.

Diving Into the Student Experience

You invest significant time and money to attract high-potential campus hires. Their recruitment process is different from experienced hires, but what else? What factors influence their candidate experience and perception of you as an employer?

The Candidate Experience data has never been broken out for campus hires, until now. This hot-off-the-database analysis shows you the elements of your campus recruiting process that either builds your positive reputation on campus, or could damage your brand.

Tackling the Elephant – Boring Job Descriptions

Despite all the talk of recruitment marketing and employer brand development, most of us still promote our openings with a job description. We complain that they don’t persuade candidates but can’t imagine recruiting for a position without one. We are overwhelmed by the thought of re-writing all of them. Join us for this engaging webinar as we share research-based tips for enhancing the approach and improving the text, and discuss the challenges and constraints that can be overcome.


Talent Tech Today, a conversation with Carl Kutsmode

Maury Hanigan, CEO of SparcStart presents an informational guide to help hiring managers create high-quality video content for interactive job listings. Courtesy of Maury Hanigan.

Rec Tech Showdown with Louise Triance

Louise asks Maury all the questions that you would ask about SparcStart and converting your organization to recruitment marketers.

Recruiting Research Insights in 3 minutes

If you want to attract minorities to your jobs where minorities are under-represented, make sure you feature them — as opposed to a bunch of homogenous photos — in your recruitment marketing and career site. Ben Eubanks and Maury Hanigan Discuss.

The Difference Between Great and Mediocre Recruitment Video

In this video Ben Eubanks and Maury Hanigan explore the difference between great and mediocre recruiting video content. The subject of the video, the placement, and the authenticity all play a role in making it more consumable for candidates (thus improving your ROI).

3 Tips on How to Improve Talent Acquisition Video Performance

Light House Research and Adviosry analyst Ben Eubanks and SparcStart CEO Maury Hanigan discuss the return on investment with regard to your hiring videos, and what you need to be focusing on. This includes everything from video length and focus to the personalized feel and the candidate experience, but don’t let that put you off. In just a few minutes we’ll explore those topics and give you some actionable ideas on how to make this work within your own organization.

SparcStart Market Positioning talk with Chris Russel

Maury Hanigan, CEO of SparcStart discusses how SparcStart fits into the Talent Acquisition process, and the benefits of updating your organizations marketing practices.

Solving Video Nightmares in Recruiting

Are you trying to get employees, hiring managers, and other recruiters to do personal videos so you can share your employee stories but struggle to do so because no one wants to be on camera? (Video-phobia) In this Webinar, listen for some tricks and tips on getting this done as painless as possible.

Leveraging Hiring Managers

Videos can add transparency, credibility and personal engagement when they meet critical standards. Learn how your hiring managers can help.


The CandEs Shop Talk

Maury Hanigan, CEO of SparcStart and Amplify, a platform to create, share, distribute and manage recruiting and employer branding videos.

Enhancing your Job Descriptions

Learn best practices, and why text-only job descriptions don’t stack up.

Improving Candidate Experience

Learn how improving candidate experience impacts recruiting and the business for the better.